Do you also miss your weekly Pretty Little Liars (PLL) Tuesday’s? It’s already a couple of weeks ago that we saw the season 3 finale (which still left me with millions of questions), but unfortunately the little liars won’t be turning back until the 11th of June. Yes, I know… that won’t be very long, but who doesn’t already miss the drama, filled with mysteries and dirty scandals, the creepy text messages from ‘A’, the thrilling theories & clues, a glance of the cute boys from Rosewood and especially the lovely style of the four little liars! Each character has their own unique style, which makes it so worth-watching fashion wise. No matter if you prefer a preppy, boho-chic, sporty or girly style, anyone can take some fashion inspiration from Pretty Little Liars! 

That’s why I created this Pretty Little Liars Style Guide, to show and inspire you on how to achieve the looks from each characters.  
This week I am going to start by giving you tips & tricks on how to get the look of Rosewood’s one and only IT-girl: Hanna Marin!

For people who never heard of the show before (You’ve been warned, it’s super addictive!), Pretty Little Liars is a show about a group of former BFF’s from Rosewood, who were all once friends with the leader of the clique, Alison. During a slumber party, Alison sneaked out of the barn and never came back. A year later the police found her body and ever since, the girls are being harassed via text messages by an anonymous person, ‘A’, who knows all the secrets of these four gals. Secrets that nobody knew, expect Alison… Will they ever going to find out who killed Ali? Pretty Little Liars is such an addictive show, thanks to the stunning cast! The guys are definitely eye-candy (I’m totally on team Ezra!), but the show is probably also one of the most fashionable shows ever! Need some fashion inspiration? Let’s take a look at each girl’s style, by starting today with the glamorous style of Hanna Marin!

Let’s kick some fAshion!

Not only in the books, but also on screen has Hanna always been my favorite little liar. During the seasons, she really shows that she has a strong personality, while her life has not always been very easy for her: Her parents got divorced, she battled an eating disorder and in the past she got bullied because of her weight. After her dramatic weight loss, she became the IT-girl from Rosewood High. On the outside Hanna’s life seems perfect, but just like everyone else in Rosewood, not everything is what it seems….. 


As you can expected from an It-girl, Hanna is always out for the latest fashion trends. Her style is trendy, sophisticated and very girly. She always looks like she just walks away from the runway, with her perfect hair and polished nails. Do you like Hanna’s style just as much as I do? Here’s how you can pull that It-girl look to!


Hanna’s style is a good example how you can still keep the girly look, mixed with more edgy pieces. Like the blue ruffles top from Karen Millen, who she wore this season. The zipper makes it more rock chic, but thanks to the ruffles it still looks very classy. Another way to get that edgy-yet-girly look, you can simply wear a leather jacket over a chic dress or top. A leather jacket is not cheap, but it’s definitely an investment in your wardrobe. You can really where it with everything! Another way to give your classy look a modern twist, is by adding some fringes to your outfit. In the season 3 premiere, Hanna wore this army green fringe dress from the Zara. She looked so effortlessly chic in this dress. For a even more edgy look, pair it with ankle boots.


Now she finally has dropped off the extra pounds, Hanna loves to show her new slim figure. She likes to define her natural waist, by wearing a belt over a blazer or simply putting a small belt over her dress. This is a perfect way to to create that perfect hourglass shape, especially when you wear a lot of layers. 


When it comes to jewelry, Hanna goes all the way! She likes to glam her outfit up, by wearing eye-catchy and expensive looking necklace or earrings. Diamonds are definitely one of Hanna’s best friends, and they can be yours too! A necklace (like Hanna wears on the left photo) or a cocktail ring (like on the right photo), gives you outfit that extra glamorous touch!


If there’s one item that Hanna can’t live without, it’s her blazers. She likes to wear them with her ruffle dresses, skirts or simply with her black panties. No on else in Rosewood owns so much blazers like Hanna does! A blazer makes an outfit more dressy and looks really chic with everything. A black blazer is a must have, but don’t be afraid to show come color! Why not go for yellow or peach, like Hanna does?


With black you can never go wrong, but why not go for something more colorful? Hanna let her true colors shine, by wearing a lot of bright and bold colors. This spring it’s all about color! Try out your favorite pair of denim in peach or some other cool color, like electric blue! Don’t worry, you don’t need to take it to the extreme. Hanna is a master of showing how you can color blocking, by using a lot pastels with bright colors. A good example is her peach denim with the lavendel top (and matching bag). It’s still colorfull, but without getting to much.


Forget old-fashioned prints back from the 70’s, the new flowers from this spring are brighter, bolder and especially much bigger! And like every It-girl, Hanna is already rocking the trend! I know it takes for some of us a lot of courage to pull this trend off, but you can easily add some some flower power to your outfit by wearing a flower clutch or even a cute iPhone cover from Kate Spade. 


Many times you can spot Hanna in of her short, sexy and colorful dresses. She doesn’t shy away from using bold colors! Her dresses are always fun and stylish, but with a girly twist. One of my all time favorites is her gorgeous blue Homecoming dress (middle photo). From head to toe she looked fabulous: The sparkle sequins, the feathers and the sexy V-neckline. Not only on the dance floor, but also through the hallways of Rosewood High, she knows how to rock this trend and it is pretty simple! Just wear one of your favorite dresses and try it on with a basic blazer. Even add some big jewelry pieces (like a bib necklace) for a stylish and fresh look and put on a pair of wedges or heels and there you go!


One of Hanna’s signature is definitely her big and loose waves. Even now (in season 3), with her long bob, she likes to curl her hair. For Hanna’s long beach waves, it’s better to use hot rollers. Leave them in for about 10-15 minutes and you’re done! If you have a bob, first use a small round brush, blow dry some sections and roll the brush away from your face. After that, use a 1/4 inch (clip less) iron and wrap your hair from the middle section to the end of your curls. For a more edgy waves, just like Hanna, curl random sections. If you’re done, just simply tousle your curls with your hands to get a more rough look.


Just like her hair, Hanna’s make-up is always polished. She would never leave the house without her black eyeliner mascara and kohl pencil. For her lips she always use a soft pink lip gloss, like this Chubby Stick from Clinique (color Woppin’ Watermelon), which she used a lot in the last season (and even better, they are only $16!). When it comes to her eyes, she likes to pop out her fierce blue eyes, by using a lot of nude eyeshadow. For a even more glamourous look, she often likes to wear brown/nude smokey eyes (the Naked Palette from Urban Decay has all these colors where you can easily create this nude smokey eyes with).


Hanna not only wears a lot of cute blazers, but she also knows how to steal the show with her gorgeous nails! She wears many bold colors, prints and a lot of sparkles. Hanna likes to try out fun nail art, like the leopard nails she wore in season 2 or using two different nail polish on alternating fingers. It’s a fun, lovely and easy way to show off your nails!

Dress-up like Hanna!

Need some more inspiration? Let’s take a look at these 3 outfits that I have selected, so you also can dress up just like Hanna! 

| 1 & 4. 
Blush & Brush: Bobbi Brown-Pink Peony Set | 2. Nail Polish: OPI-Which is Witch? |
3: Eyeshadow Palette: Bobbi Brown (custom palette)- Pearl | 5. Nail Polish: Essie- Pink Parka |
| 6. Heels: Guess | 7. Parfume: Dior- Miss Cherie | 8. Pants: H&M | 9. Top: Ted Baker 
 | 10. Bag: Ted Baker |

1.  Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff | 2. Necklace: Monki | 3. Belt: Forever21 | 4. Dress: Topshop |
| 5. Ankle Boots: Asos  (sold out)| 6. Bag:Rebecca Minkoff (sold out) | 7. Nail Polish: OPI- Last Friday Night |
| 8. Eye Palette: Bobbi Brown – Black Pearl |
| 1. Necklace: Pieces | 2. Top: American Vintage | 3. Flats: Zara | 4. Pants: Ralph Lauren | 5. Jacket: Guess |
| 6. Nail Polish: Essie – Go Ginza | 7. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | 8. Iphone Case: J Crew | (sold out, but similar case here) | 

What do you think of Hanna’s fashion style? Do you like it? What is your favorite outfit of Hanna? And you do like the suggestions? Would you like to wear these outfits?

Please leave a comment, visit my Facebook page, Tweet me or send me a message! I would love to hear your ideas, inspirations and suggestions about this style guide!


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