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Happy Pretty Little Fashion Day!

Last week I’ve discussed Hanna’s fabulous style, this week I am going to discuss Aria Montgomery’s gorgeous edgy bohemian style. Do you also adore her style and are you dying to find out how to get her looks? Check out this Pretty Little Liars style guide!

Aria Montgomery’s style is very outspoken, just like her character. After living for a year in Iceland, Aria still wondered about what happened with her dear friend Alison. When she returned to school, she  reconnected with her old friends: Spencer, Emily and Hanna. Just when Aria found her way back in Rosewood, her life got very complicated: Her mother moved out of the house, her parents got divorced, she constantly fights with her father about a long time secret (what Alison only knew) and the guy she met at the bar, turns out to be her (super cute and hot) English teacher! Big drama! And when you think it couldn’t be more worse, she suddenly received text messages from the anonymous stalker ‘A’, who reveals all her not so pretty secrets….


Trough the years, Aria’s style got a big transformation. Back in 7th grade, Aria always wore pink and purple dreadlocks and her style was more gothic. Her stay in Iceland definitely changed her looks, because nowadays Aria’s style is more bohemian-chic, mixed with edgy and girly pieces. Do you like Aria’s style? Let’s find out how you can steal her looks!


Have you ever noticed how many times Aria wears a leather jacket? Her wardrobe probably pulls out of all the jackets that she owns! A leather jacket is definitely her style signature, because it perfectly fits with her boho-chic style. Aria wears many girly dresses, but her jacket makes it more edgy. It is a simple and fun way to show off your boho chic side! So try on your favorite leather jacket and wear it off with one of your (girly) dresses. Do you want an even more edgy look? Go for a leather jacket with studs! 


Unlike Hanna, Aria wears a lot of dark colors: Chocolate brown, grey, black, purple, aubergine, navy , plum and army green. You barely see her wearing bold colors. Aria proves it; Black goes never out of style! But don’t stick to black, try also (like Aria) to mix different kinds of other dark colors too!


Aria is a masterpiece of adding many layers to her outfit. She likes to wear a lot of cardigans over her tops, but she often also wears a simple basic top under her dresses. Another way to simply add some layers to your outfit, is by wearing a jacket! (like I said before, Aria does this many times!).


Another signature of Aria’s style, are definitely her many pair of boots: Motorbike, ankle or knee-high boots. She wears them with everything! Whenever it’s with a dress, her black skinny jeans or under a sheer maxi dress. She always goes for boots with details, like studs or buckles. It makes your outfit instantly more edgy!


Aria likes to think out of the box and isn’t afraid to play with different kind of patterns, she likes to mix and match her clothes. Lace tights with a floral dress? Or a leopard skirt mixed with a striped blazer? Aria shows that everything is possible by wearing different kinds of patterns, if you just keep the basic color the same with both items. 


Her style maybe very edgy, but Aria always gives her outfits a girly touch by wearing lace: Lace tops, dresses and tights. It makes your outfit more sophisticated and elegant. So if you want to give your little black dress a new look, just wear them with lace tights! 


In each episode, Aria wears always some kind of accessorize. They give her outfits that extra edgy touch! Her favorite accessories: Feather earrings, chunky necklaces, scarves in many patterns (stars, stripes, skulls or geometric shapes), and hats or/ beanies. You don’t have to be a big spender to rock Aria’s look, Forever21 has many fabulous accessories for affordable prices! 


Aria is blessed with gorgeous thick dark brown hair, but it’s not very hard to maintain her typical waves! The make-up artists from Pretty Little Liars told that they’ve used a lot of hair products from the brand Tresemme. Their favorite products are Tresemme’s 24 hour body mousse, 24 hour body Shampoo and Conditioner and Finishing Spray. So if you really would like to achieve the shiny and bouncy curls as Aria’s, you definitely should try out these products! The other work is up to your curling iron! As you maybe have noticed on the pictures, Aria’s waves are curled from the inside. So if you are going to use the curling iron, be aware that you are going to wrap it on the right way. The finishing touch is also very important! Aria always puts an extra twist at the end of her brown locks, so make sure that at the end you create an extra fringe! 


One of Aria’s signature beauty looks, are definitely her fierce eyebrows! They are thick, but in great shape. (plus, full eyebrows are very hot right now!). Some of you are maybe blessed with fuller eyebrows, but even when you’re not, it’s still easy to maintain the same as Aria’s! Just fake it till you make it! To start you have to tweeze all the stray hairs that are outside the arch. After you are finished with the tweezer, it’s time to full them in! With a brow pencil you can create the shape of the brows that you like and fill them in. You could also use some powder to up lighten your brows up or to make them look darker. It’s also a good way to create more thickness! To keep your eyebrows in shape, it’s important to use a eyebrow gel that keeps everything in place. 


Aria wears most of the time dark nail polish (that probably doesn’t surprise you, ha!). Although she embraces her dark side, still don’t expect that she always wear her nails black! She likes to wear all different kinds of dark colors: Plum, army green, chocolate brown, dark grey, navy blue and taupe are also some of her favorites. Often she also goes for a more bold, outstanding color, like orange or bright red nail polish (Essie’s Lollipop is one of these gorgeous, poppy red!) or yellow ochre. 

Dress up like Aria!
Are you also a big fan of Aria’s edgy style and need more fashion inspiration to get her look? Take a look at these 3 outfits that I’ve selected. 

| 1. Denim Jacket: Zara | 2. Pumps: Miu Miu | 3. Nail Polish: Barry M (textured nail effects, no. tnp1) |
| 4. Necklace: Forever21 | 5. Dress – Lulu’s |

| 1. Necklace: Club Manhattan (unfortunately sold out, but still available in gold) | 2. Tank top: H&M | 
| 3. Pleated skirt: Alice & Olivia (sold out) | 4. Booties: Jeffrey Campbell | 5. Perfume:Vera Wang – Rock Princess |
| 6.  Smokey Eye Palette: Bobbi Brown – Smokey Eye Collection| 7. Leather Jacket: WH100 (via ASOS) |
| 8. Nail Polish: China Glaze – Urban Nights |

| 1. Scarf – Diana von Furstenberg | 2. Nail Polish: Zoya – Fleck Effect Collection | 3. Booties: Forever21 |
| 4. Top – Object | 5. Eye Shadow – Mac | 6. Pants: Topshop |

Is Aria your favorite style icon from Pretty Little Liars? Are you also a big fan of combat boots? And which outfit of Aria is your personal favorite? Please, tell me. I would love to know your favorite fashion moment from Pretty Little Liars! 

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