Watch & Inspire: The WestJet Christmas Miracle – Real Time Giving

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Recently I stumbled across this heartwarming video on Youtube from the Canadian airline company WestJet that I really wanted to share with you, because it’s one of the most inspiring video that I’ve ever seen. Truly a must-see for everyone. 

Christmas time is all about giving and sharing. Receiving gifts are of course always a pleasure, but isn’t giving much better than getting? Giving gifts gives me always many joy and it doesn’t have to be huge, just a small gift (and it could be any various kind of gift) can already bring so much happiness into someone’s life. Just look at this video of WestJet that they made for their “Real Time Giving” campaign. 

While the guests were patiently waiting for their baggage, they were first shocked to find out that there weren’t suitcases that were rolling off, but blue gift boxes! But when they noticed that for each passenger there was a gift box, they were surprised. You can really see their eyes lighten up, full of excitement and joy. It really touched my heart by seeing all those happy faces. Such a generous and kind gift. 

Get in The Christmas Spirit by watching the video below. Inspire and enjoy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

-XOXO Marcella


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