Happy Music Monday: Natasha Bedingfield – “Unwritten”

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Don’t we all have one of those Mondays? You know, the moment when you already pushed the snooze button a couple of times and you still barely can’t get out of your bed… and when you finally managed to get yourself rolling out of the bed, you are wishing for a time machine that always could bring you back to every weekend…

Yes, today I had to deal with these typical Monday morning blues. Maybe because I had to woke up very early and felt very tired or maybe it was all because of Blue Monday. Who knows?  🙂
The only thing I know is how to beat these Monday blues by simply listening to your favorite songs that will help you to get you though the week. My all time favorite ‘let’s-kick-these-monday-blues’ song? That’s simply “Unwritten” by the singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield. 
“Unwritten” was released in 2006 (ouch, I’m getting old!) and I still can’t get tired of it. That’s probably because the message is timeless and inspiring. With this song Natasha always reminds me of trying to live life to the fullest and to follow my dreams. Some people will not get it, but that’s OK. It’s your own life and it’s up to you to decide what you want and which road you are going to take. No one said that it will be easy, but always take the high road.  And if you ever get lost on your way, relax and let it all go, because everything is going to be all right, because… The rest is still unwritten. 

-XOXO Marcella


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