10 Reasons Why Mindy Lahiri From The Mindy Project Rules The World

Who doesn’t want to have Mindy Kaling as her BFF? She’s hilarious, sassy, ambitious (she’s a writer, producer and actress in one) and a total badass! What’s even more awesome than Mindy Kaling herself, is her alter-ego Mindy Lahiri from her own produced and written comedy show, The Mindy Project, in which she plays a 30-something gynecologist who struggles to find balance between her personal and professional life.

As a kid, Mindy Lahiri was obsessed by romantic comedies. Now she’s in their 30’s, she’s dedicating to find her own prince charming in the big city, New York. Through this journey, she gets help from her hilarious co-workers.

What makes The Mindy Project hilarious, is that Mindy is so relatable that it makes you laugh pretty hard. Believe it or not? Read on and find out why The Mindy Project is your guilty pleasure:

1. Knowing and owning your body type. Rock that body!

2. Her love for working out

3. When someone asks you to keep a secret…

4. On how to pick up the right guy… for stuff:

5.The point where every woman has ever been:

Bijschrift toevoegen

6. Home is where the hearts is, after all.

7. ‘You’re a woman, and that’s good, look like a woman’.

8. The reason why I always take my Ipad with me upstairs:

9. She can feel every woman’s pain:

10. She’s a real bad-ass

*all image credits goes to FOX

-XOXO Marcella


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