Essie – ‘Smokin Hot’ Swatch & Review

Hi everyone! Today I would love to introduce you to my newest member of my Essie family: Smokin Hot! Isn’t she lovely?

I received this beauty as a b’day gift from one of my co-workers last month. Wow, this is definitely love at first sight! When it comes to nail polish, I am definitely not afraid to embrace my ‘dark side’. Don’t know about you, but I’m all about fall/ winter nail polishes. I love seeing dark colors on my fingertips, because there’ something edgy, mysterious and sexy about these Fall shades. Smokin Hot is one of those neutrals that you can almost wear with everything and anything.

Essie describes this color as a ‘stone-cold fox gray that burns hotter than any flame.’ Ohlala! Smokin Hot is definitely a deep dark gray polish, but with subtle purple undertones that makes it more warm-toned. Like many Essie’s, the coverage of this polish is pretty good. One coat is already enough, but for complete opaque coverage you need 2 coats. The otherwise is a bit more streaky, but smooth enough to work with. 

Smokin Hot is already from Essie’s 2010 Winter Collection, but you can still buy it in stores. Unavailable in your location? You can always buy it on 

What is your favorite Fall nail polish shade?


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