Happy Music Monday: Shawn Mendes – ‘Three Empty Words’

Words can’t express how much I adore Shawn Mendes! Maybe I’m a little too late to join the Mendes party, but… it’s better late than never, right? I’m so thrilled for his new album Illuminate (coming out this month, 23rd of September). We’ve already heard ‘Treat You Better’ and ‘Ruin’, but ‘Three Empty Words’ is possibly my favorite track so far.

Leave it up to Shawn to write a break-up song that sounds like a sweet, bubbly falling-in-love kind of track. Through the acoustic vocals, Shawn sings how both feel that there’s nothing left anymore. Instead of being angry, Shawn accept this and is ready to move on. Sad, yet so relatable. ‘

I believe in the power of music’ told Mendes, the genius himself once. It’s true, he proves it over and over again with his songs.

What do you think of ‘Three Empty Words’?



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