Happy Music Monday: Harry Styles – ‘Sign Of The Times’

Ask me what one of my favorite guilty pleasures is and One Direction (I mean #1D of course) are topping on my list. I still can remember when ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ came out as a single, before they even recorded a video. Suddenly I feel very old when typing this…. One Direction became very successful. The whole world was obsessed with these 5 lovely lads from The UK and everybody loved them. Even through the years I still loved them. My love was so big that I even went to the concert 3 times… Okay, you can pretty much say that I am a fan.

No matter what you think of One Direction as a band, you can’t deny that they are talented. Look at Niall, his ‘This Town’ was such a hit last year. I was so thrilled when the single got released. When rumors came that Harry also were releasing his first single, I think the whole world was looking forward to it. And now, finally, it is there… When I got from the gym last friday, I couldn’t wait to listen to it.
Sign Of The Times is a rock ballad. To be honest, I’ve expected a more soft-rock ballad from Harry, but I still think it fits him perfectly. It’s 100% Harry. Many people were expecting that Harry would be the next David Bowie. I disagree. It’s more Snow Patrol meets Robbie Williams. Do I like it? Oh, yes. Definitely! As a die-hard fan at heart I’m very proud at Harry for getting so far. But please guys, get back together. That 1D reunion needs to happen!! But fan or no fan, give it a try and you’ll be surprised how raw his voice is.

Give it a try:

-XOXO Marcella

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