Happy Music Monday: Niall Horan – ‘Heartbreak Weather’

With all the news going on around with the COVID-19 virus, it’s time for something positive. And luckily, Niall Horan released last week his new album Heartbreak Weather. Niall already released some singles, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, ‘Put a Little Love on Me’ and ‘No Judgement’ and 11 other new songs. One of these songs is the same-titled ‘Heartbreak Weather’.

Although the title of the song assumes that it will be heartbreak song, it’s quite the opposite. With lyrics like ‘”All of my life it’s been heartbreak weather / Thinkin’ to myself, it won’t get better / It can be so lonely in this city / but it feels different when you’re with me” it’s optimistic and up-beat. Exactly what we are looking for in these times.

On social media Niall already teased us with here and there with some previews of the video. It didn’t disappointed me at all! Like the song, the video is funny and goofy. It reminded me of back in the days when One Direction made video’s like ‘Best Song Ever’. Oh, the good days! It’s fun to see Niall bringing back this nostalgic vibes.

Curious? Watch the video down below!


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