About Marcella

Hello my dear readers,
Welcome to my little space on this World Wide Web!

I’m Marcella, a 20-something year old Dutchie who has an obsession for nail polish, loves discovering new artists, adores 60′ fashion, who would love to travel across the USA, a book lover, a huge sucker for soundtracks, whose guilty pleasures are watching tv shows like Glee and who dreams of living someday in a brownstone in Greenwich Village, in the heart of New York City.

But most of all I’m a girl who loves to find inspirations through all kinds of different things: Music, arts, books, fashion, travel, movies, quotes and more! Without all these daily crafts, my life ,’my own little bubble’, simply wouldn’t be the same. It would be so boring!

How often I read books with moving and touching stories, saw a mind-blowing episode or movie which I am dying to tell you about or when I discovered a new artist of song that I would love to share with you! See, that’s why I created this blog. A place where to inspire and to be inspired by. To share all these incredible things with each and everyone of you!

So please join me during this journey. Let’s inspire, motivate, support and get creative with each other, in our own little ways!

XOXO Marcella