Today the LA native trio HAIM released the first music video ‘The Wire’, from the new EP Days are Gone. In the video the sisters make the boys go crying (ah poor things!), when they are dumped by the trio. Too bad for the guys, but pretty funny to watch.
The Wire has the same sound that you can expect from the trio: 80’/ 90’s vibe, mixed with some indie-rock, folk and retro tunes but even just a little bit better than their last songs like Forever and Don’t Save Me. Oh, how I’ve missed these gals!

Take a look below and enjoy:


Can’t wait for HAIM’s new album Days are Gone? You can already pre-order the EP here and as a bonus, one track will be starting downloading directly.

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Hi, hey there, hello! Are you looking for a some great music to get you through this week? Well, maybe the brand new song of LA’s native band The Rebel Light, ‘Jukebox Dream’, is something where you are looking for! I hear vintage. summer. catchy tunes. A great song to start the week off.

‘Jukebox Dream’ takes you back to the ’60’s, when everyone was laying on the beach and were just having a good time. The perfect summer soundtrack. As soon as you start listening to the song, the vintage tunes takes you instantly out of your daily routine and put your in a holiday mood. Just like the title, the lyrics are dreamy and catchy:

Sweet memories
All the moments that I spend with you
Last night I fell for you
I gotta love that’s coming true
And now I fell for you

The band recorded the song in their own house: It has a fun summer throw back vintage vibe to it.  We did all the recording ourselves in our house, instruments in the living room, vocals in the kitchen and we are really happy with the way it turned out.”, told the indie-rock band about the recording process. 

Good job guys, because I am also very happy how it turned out and I hope you too.
And I’ve got even better news. You can simply buy the song here for any price you would like to pay for!

Listen and enjoy:

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Do you also miss PLL and can’t live without your weekly Pretty Little Liars overdoses? Well, maybe I have something for you in store. A couple of weeks ago I’ve created a style guide based on each little liar and this (and unfortunately already the last one) is all about Spencer Hasting’s gorgeous preppy style. Read here to find out about all the tips & tricks to get Spencer’s look!

Spencer’s life may be very easy, but in reality everything is all one pretty (well, not so) little lie. Growing up in a very wealthy family, her life looked picture perfect. She is a straight A student, belongs to the most popular clique of Rosewood High, is a part of the field hockey team and participate also in many after-school clubs. Sounds like the perfect student, isn’t it? Well, that’s at the same time also Spencer’s trap. She is extremely competitive. Everything, but really everything needs to be perfect. She is such an overachiever, also when it comes to her older sister Melissa. Everything what Melissa has, wants Spencer too. Even when it comes to stealing her sister boyfriends… But when Spencer suddenly starts to get creepy text messages from an anonymous stalker, she starts to get anxious. Can she handle all the pressure or is anxiety going to ruining her life?

Spencer’s style does for sure represent the All American Girl style. She always keeps it classic and polish (she reminds me a little bit of a young Kate Middleton). As one of Rosewood’s most popular girl, Spencer knows the latests fashion trends. Though, she sticks to her own style, which is more preppy, classic and mixed with some vintage details. Still, she also easily rocks a classic blue jeans or Oxford loafers. And when she goes out, she knows how to glam it up! On any special occasions, Spencer shines in one of her classic gorgeous gowns. Would you like to ‘Spencer-up’ your wardrobe? Read here all the tips and tricks to rock her style!


Despite her classy style, Spencer likes to make her outfit more masculine inspired items, like wearing many blazers, and by many.. I mean definitely A LOT! But her favorites are her boyfriends blazer. They are give her outfit a more bold touch, while she still uses many girly details, like belts or blouses. So try on a boyfriend blazer and wear it with your patter dress or simply with your favorite pair of jeans. Boyfriends blazer are for sure an essential item of Spencer’s wardrobe!


Spencer’s style is preppy, yet comfortable. That’s why you barely see her wearing heels, because she prefers wearing flat shoes. And what is not a better to wear a pair of Oxford loafers, that are comfortable and sophisticated! If they are a little bit too classy for you, you can also try oxford loafers with trendy twists, like funky prints or studs.


Her style might be very preppy, Spencer still likes to give her classy outfits a more modern style by using a lot of patterns: Birds, stripes, flowers, polkadots or bows. You thought preppy was boring? Spencer shows that a more classy style still can be fun and flirty! So try on a classic piece, but go for an funky, patterned one. It’s still timeless, but gives you a more young and sophisticated look.


If there’s one specific pattern that I would like to highlight, it would definitely be Spencer’s love for stripes. She definitely supports the nautical style. Hi, sailor girl! Bold stripes, the classic blue/white stripes or a lovely soft pink striped dress. Spencer likes to play with all kind of stripes! So think also more out of the box and give your striped item a more modern and feminine twist. Go for more feminine details, like ruches or bows or wear your favorite striped top under your cardigan and make it off with a waist belt. If the blue/white stripe is too old-fashioned for you, you can also go for a total different color. It doesn’t necessary have to be a bold color, pastels are also the trend for this summer and it looks perfect with your sun-kissed skin.


Just like Hanna, Spencer’s style is very girly. Only her style is far more mature and feminine than the one from Hanna’s. It has more elegance and it’s very sophisticated. To create a more ‘mature’ feminine look, it’s the key to use more neutral or pastels colors and feminine patterns: Bows, lace or ruches are a couple of these fabrics that gives you a more elegant look. Brands like ZARA has a lot of these patterns in their collections, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to grab these luxurious fabrics.


Spencer likes to play with her style, by wearing a lot of layers. Sometimes she wears a long cardigan over a simple, sophisticated dress or a (military) jacket. Maybe some of you are afraid that layering things up, it can make you look bigger than you are, but that’s not the case if you do it pretty well. The trick? Just put on a basic/ nude top or dress (just like Spencer), than add another layer by wearing an cardigan and after that wear a (long) coat. Spencer’s signature style is that she likes to play with different kind of textures and you can do it too! Try on different fabrics that makes your look even more better layered and you’are becoming a Master in layering. Bravo! See, is not that difficult!


Waist belts have become very popular the last couple of years. Also in Rosewood it’s still very trendy. Spencer for sure is a big fan and that’s why she likes to belt her waist over a dress, cardigan or simply over a top. She always wears a classic one, that flatters her (already) slim figure. So put on a belt (in more basic, muted colors) over your dress or jacket and you create that perfect hourglass shape!


Not only is Spencer’s style very effortless, her hairstyles are also very polished! A bad hair day? Not for Spencer! (only the time when she was housed in Radley for quite a time. But hey, we totally don’t blame you anything Spencer!). Her hair always looks healthy, thick and shiny. She also likes to play with a variety of hairstyles: Pretty braids, ponytails, loose curls, buns a chic yet casual up-do or she wear it simply straight. She has many lovely hairstyles! It’s not very hard to copy her hairstyles. You can already create a cute bun in just a couple of minutes. Just use a good conditioner or hair mask. And for her famous side (Dutch) braid? LeBeautygirl has a great tutorial. Check it out here!


The key to Spencer’s make-up look, is her flawless and gorgeous skin. If you are blessed with a clear skin, you are very lucky! If not, than it’s important to start with a daily skin routine. Start off with a good cleanser, in the morning as well before bedtime. Not only is Spencer’s skin flawless, it’s also very matte. To stay away from a high shiny face, use a product that help you to keep up a matte look, like the Bobbi Brown Oil Control. It controls the amount of oiliness and even gives your sun protection, because it also includes SPF 15. A smooth protected skin! Then we come to the eyes. Spencer’s look is polished, yet natural. For her eyes she only uses more nude colors, often switched to smokey eyes. Still, she likes to accentuate her long eyelashes! For the lips, she always goes for a more neutral pink/ purple color that fits perfectly with her matte light skin. And of course don’t forget to use a mascara that lengths your eyes!


Just like her neutral makeup look, Spencer wears most of the time more nude nail polishes: Taupe, browns, paige or pastels. Often she likes to pop it up with a more outstanding color, like wine red or plump. Many nail polish brands offer all these colors. My favorite nude on the go is OPI’s Tickle My France-Y.

Dress-up like Spencer!
Do you also adore Spencer’s preppy style and would you like to upgrade your wardrobe? Take a look at the 3 outfits that I’ve created, so it’s easy to create Spencer’s looks!

| 1. Jacket: Marlene Birger | 2. Booties: Alexander Wang (now on sale!) | 3. Blouse: Saint Laurent |
| 4. Skinny Jeans: Roberto Cavalli | 5. Satchel: River Island |
| 6. Earrings: Nardi Jewelry (unfortunately sold out, similar pair here | 7. Lipstick: Bobbi Brown – Crushed Plum |
| 1. Iphone case: Kate Spade | 2. Earrings: Kate Spade | 3. Oxford loafers: J. Crew | | 4. Dress: Kate Spade |
 | 5. Nail Polish: Essie – Lilacism | 6. Parfume: Stella McCartney – Summer Rose |
| 7. Eye Palette: Bobbi Brown – Day to Night Shadow Options |
 | 1. Oxfords: Lanvin | 2. Tote: Dolce & Gabbana | 3. Blazer: Alexander McQueen |
| 4. Nail Polish: Ciate – Beach Melba | 5. Dress: Selected Femme |

Do you look Spencer’s preppy style? Would you like to ‘Spencer-up’ your wardrobe? And what do you think has been her greatest fashion moment during the show?

I hope you all enjoy these Pretty Little Liars style guide! I’ve had so much with writing these guides and with creating the outfits for each character. So funny to see how each little liars has their own style. I hope these style guides inspire you, even if it is just a tiny bit. 

In case you’ve missed the other guides, you can find them back here:

-XOXO Marcella 


Andrew Belle, does that name sounds familair to you? It is possible that you’ve listened to his music, because he was also was featured in my playlist ‘Pretty Little Liars soundtrack: Part 1’. His music is simply amazing.

Andrew was as a child already interested in music and played in various bands. Before gradution from Taylor University in Upland, he launched his solo career and realized that being a musician was the only thing that he really wanted to be. Good choice, because Andrew’s music has since his first album been featured in many tvshows, like Grey’s Anatomy and One Three Hill (and yes, also PLL).

His last EP Daylight, includes a lot of soft poprock beats. All those Pretty Lights is a remake of the song from his second EP The Ladders. Andrew found his inspiration for this remake while he was on tour, playing All those Pretty Lights with a full band. They started to play the song totally different and they liked it so much, that they decided to record it in the studio.

The result? Soft beats, without losing the original melody. The rhytym makes you fall in love with the music and for one moment you just forget all your troubles. Pure magic!

Check more of Andrew’s music:
Andrew Belle – Daylight
Facebook: Andrew Belle
Youtube: Andrew Belle Music


Who doesn’t love some good soundtrack? The songs of Pretty Little Liars are a perfect mix & match of many music genres: From indie-rock to fun tunes and incredible ballads. I’ve made a selection and created a Spotify playlist, which include the best songs of season 3 of PLL. Check it out!

Lovely Sunday to you all!

– XOXO Marcella