Style Guide: Leopard

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If there’s one trend that I’m into this moment, it’s definitely leopard! I love this trendy yet classic print. You can find many leopard printed items in my closet: A coat, a couple of tops and blouses, a watch and even a pair of jeans. Yes, you can definitely say that I’m going wild for this trend! It looks like the leopard is about to stay, since animal prints will be a hot item this summer. Still many people has this bad image of the leopard trend but when done right, leopard can be very chic and sophisticated. How? I’m about to tell you!

5 tips on how to wear leopard:

  1. Choose leopard prints with muted tones. Since this animal trend is really everywhere, you can find them literally in every color. From bright red to yellow. If you want to keep it sophisticated, try to pick for more neutral colours.
  2. But… of course you can mix this animal pattern with a bright color! I love to wear my leopard jeans with my orange pullover. Since my jeans is muted, it still looks clean, but with a fun touch.
  3. Pick items who has a subtle touch of this animal print or go simply for accessories, like shoes. My favourite? A stunning pair of leopard earrings, who makes every outfit instant glamorous!
  4. Are you more into a casual look? Wear your leopard blouse/ top with your favourite pair of jeans and you’ll look casual chic.
  5. Go for leather! Leopard looks stunning with leather pieces. Especially a black leather jacket looks gorgeous with a leopard blouse or dress.

ThIs the leopard trend also one of your favourites? And which items do you already have?





Happy Music Monday: The Vamps – ‘ It’s A Lie’

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Hi lovelies! Sorry, sorry, sorry for being so in-active on this blog! Being busy lately, but of course I’ll always make time for music. Don’t know about you, but schools here have already started. What a bumper! So summer is officially over (luckily, the weather is still good), but to stay a little bit longer in that summer-vibe I choose for this Music Monday The Vamps’ ‘It’s A Lie’!

Many people probably know The Vamps from one of their songs ‘Somebody To Love’ (seriously, just admit it.. you liked it!), but now the British boyband is back with a new album ‘Night & Day’. For this album they collaborated with artists like DJ Martin Jensen and Sabrina Carpenter. Their new sound is more electric than their previous songs and I like it!

‘It’s A Lie’ is a collaboration with Argentine singer TINI. It’s fun, catchy and I love the salsa sound. This is the kind of song that I wanna hear on one of those after summer parties.

Have a great week!

-XOXO Marcella

Happy Music Monday: Harry Styles – ‘Sign Of The Times’

Ask me what one of my favorite guilty pleasures is and One Direction (I mean #1D of course) are topping on my list. I still can remember when ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ came out as a single, before they even recorded a video. Suddenly I feel very old when typing this…. One Direction became very successful. The whole world was obsessed with these 5 lovely lads from The UK and everybody loved them. Even through the years I still loved them. My love was so big that I even went to the concert 3 times… Okay, you can pretty much say that I am a fan.

No matter what you think of One Direction as a band, you can’t deny that they are talented. Look at Niall, his ‘This Town’ was such a hit last year. I was so thrilled when the single got released. When rumors came that Harry also were releasing his first single, I think the whole world was looking forward to it. And now, finally, it is there… When I got from the gym last friday, I couldn’t wait to listen to it.
Sign Of The Times is a rock ballad. To be honest, I’ve expected a more soft-rock ballad from Harry, but I still think it fits him perfectly. It’s 100% Harry. Many people were expecting that Harry would be the next David Bowie. I disagree. It’s more Snow Patrol meets Robbie Williams. Do I like it? Oh, yes. Definitely! As a die-hard fan at heart I’m very proud at Harry for getting so far. But please guys, get back together. That 1D reunion needs to happen!! But fan or no fan, give it a try and you’ll be surprised how raw his voice is.

Give it a try:

-XOXO Marcella

Happy Music Monday: Imagine Dragons – ‘Believer’

Hi everyone! It’s been a decade since there has been a ‘Happy Music Monday’ (je suis desole). Life was pretty busy, got hit by the flue and other random stuff. I promise to post a lot more this year. But… let’s bring the music back! They say that true love never dies, right? That’s what I was thinking when I heard Imagine Dragon’s new song ‘Believer’. Okay, Justin Bieber also popped up in my mind, but I have been a huge fan of these guys since releasing their first work in 2012.

Without doubt I think ”Believer” is easy going to be a favorite. Strong lyrics, raw beats. Plus, it was heard during the Superbowl commercial for Nintendo. The song is all about how to deal with pain in general. Frontman Dan explained: “This last year has been the most positive of my life. This song explains my realization that the emotional pain I faced the last few years actually helped me progress to a healthier mental space. Those difficulties truly are what helps you become a believer in yourself.”

– XOXO Marcella

Happy music monday: Little Mix – ‘Shout out to my ex!’

Little Mix 'Shout Out To My Ex' single artwork.

In case you haven’t been on social media this weekend, you were totally missing out something! Yesterday Little Mix made their comeback on The X Factor with their new single and girlpower anthem ‘Shout Out To My Ex’. As you can assume, it’s a heartbreak song, but with a happy twist.

Although the song got mixed reviews (some people were claiming that the song was a rip-off from GRL’s ‘Ugly Heart’), I think it’s still a fun song that a lot of people can relate too. Shout Out To My Ex’ is Little Mix’s first single of the new album Glory Days, which will be released on November the 18th. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

For the album the girls worked with Meghan Trainor, produced some songs with MNEK and even Charlie Putt wrote a song for the ladies. According to Jade, the album is filled with brilliant pop-songs:  “There’s this one song that I think our vocals are just, like, crazyThe only way is up – we’ve never really dipped. I feel like we’ve kept this progression, but we’re still striving for more,” Leigh says. “Hopefully this will be the album where we just go BAM! and explode. It’s everything we want in life.”

What do you think of Little Mix’s new song? Watch it out!

-XOXO Marcella