Happy Music Monday: The 1975 – ‘The Sound’

I’m extremely thrilled to share you the new single of The 1975! The lads of Manchester have worked hard on the new album, I like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unware Of It (which will be released on the 26th of February). Frontman Matt Healy told last year in an interview with music blog Music Feeds, that they would spend the whole year (2015) working hard on the new record. He already explained back then: “We’re from Manchester, Macclesfield, and the first record was about the rain, and this second record is about not being in the rain and doing whatever the fuck you want in the sun.” Sounds quite exciting, isn’t it? 🙂

‘The Sound’ is a bit different than the band’s previous singles like ‘Ugh!’ and ‘Love Me’. These 2 were much rock, while the vocal melodies of ‘The Sound’ is way more catchy and funky. “Well I know when you’re around, cause I know the sound, I know the sound of your heart” is that moment when Matt starts with the intro, you completely fall in love with the track.

Although I like their previous work with singles like ‘Girls’ and ‘Chocolate’, which were definitely more indie-rock, I like the path that they took with the new record. The band already had a huge fan base, but I think that with ‘The Sound’ they will even make more friends.

Wanna check The 1975 live? You can find all tour dates here!


Happy Music Monday: Little Mix – ‘ I Won’t’

Hi everyone!
First of all I still wish you all a wonderful 2016 filled with love, happiness and magic. Keep shining on lovelies and the rest will come back to you.

To make sure that you keep shining on this year, you should all take a moment to listen to Little Mix’s new song ‘I Won’t, which is featured on the girls new album Get Weird (which is a-m-a-z-i-n-g). This song has been stuck on repeat on my Ipod last week. I have to admit that since the first time I’ve listened to ‘Move’ these girls have stolen my heart. Their music is always inspirational and they make you so damn happy and cheering. ‘I Won’t’ is such a girlpower anthem that you can’t resist. The four ladies co-wrote the song with the also talented Jess Glynne. The song is a bonus track of the latest album ‘Get Weird’ and also described as the most personal one. Band member Leigh-Anne Pinnock told in an interview with Fuse that the writing process for the song was really uplifting:

That was at a time when we were in the studio, and literally, we couldn’t write a single and couldn’t produce anything that we thought was good enough. It was really annoying. But that happens, you get writer’s block, and it was a bit of a low moment for us. Jess Glynne was like, ‘Come on girls, let’s just write something.’ And then we wrote ‘I Won’t.’ It definitely uplifted us.” 

The stomping and clapping makes you fall in love with the song immediately. And the best part? The bridge: ‘Hold your head up, see the daylight. Hold your head up cause your future’s looking bright’. 

A message that we always should remember. Happy 2016!


A tribute to Sex and the City: My Review (+photos) of The Sex and The City Tour!

‘After all, seasons change, so do cities; people come into your life and people go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away. ‘

Years ago (gosh, I feel old suddenly) I’ve discovered one of the most enjoyable- fashionable and hilarious show in decade; who is simply known as Sex and the City (SATC). I still remember how fascinated I was by the oh-so-fabulous five: The fashionable Carrie, the cynical (yet hilarious) Miranda, the sassy Samantha, the controversial Charlotte and the serie’s fifth and most important character on the show… Manhattan.

Ever since watching the show, I couldn’t stop but wondering how much I would wanted to visit the city itself. Well, 5 years ago my dream came true! My parents took my brother and I on a citytrip to New York as a gift to celebrate their 25-year old wedding anniversary. How happy we all were. I still can feel the excitement from that moment while I am typing this! I got even more excited when I heard that my mother had bought tickets for The Sex and the City bus tour. After hearing this fabulous news, my New York State of mind became reality. So 5 years ago, October 2009, I’ve found myself sitting on the same iconic doorstep on Perry Street. I was living the dream!
My mom, my (ex) sister-in-law, and I hopped on the tour bus with many other Sex & The City fans from all across the world. There’s nothing more excited than sitting on a bus with many other women who share the same passion as you. The Sex & The City Tour includes many busstops, but these were my favorites:

Pullitzer Fountain

This wonderful fountain is located nearby The Plaza Hotel, which is one of Manhattan’s well-known hotels. Yes, the same hotel where Mr Big’s engagement party took place and where Samantha meets an old millionaire. 

Buddakan, New York 

Buddakan is the place where the terrible rehearsal of Carrie and Mr. Big took place. This trendy restaurant is located in the trendy Chelsea area. 

Magnolia Bakery

The Magnolia Bakery is definitely the number 1 bakery to buy cupcakes if you found yourself in New York! It’s located near Bleecker Street, right across the corner of Perry Street (which you can find Carrie’s apartment, but more of that later). 

Perry Street

Carrie may lived in the show on The Upper East Side, in reality the gorgeous brownstone is located on Perry Street, 66 between West East Village and Bleecker Street. Please take note that this stop is not officialy included in the bus tour! We were told that the bus were no longer allowed to stop at this location, because the building is owned privately. You can easily see the ‘no trespassing’ sign at the photo, but if you leave a couple of coints in the bucket, you can still take a photo. All the money of the bucket is donated to neighborhood charity. 
Wouldn’t it be amazing to live in such a gorgeous brownstone? 

Onieal’s Speakeasy (Aiden’s Bar)

Shout was the show’s name of Aiden’s and Steve’s bar, but in reality this grand street bar is called Onieal’s Speakeasy. It is located on Mulberry Street (how chic!). At this stop we were all supplied with delicious Cosmopolitan’s. That evening we went back there to grab some dinner. Just like the cocktails, the food was also on top! So if you are in New York and you are looking for a good restaurant, than this place is definitely worth trying!

Have you ever been to New York? 
-XOXO Marcella 

Happy Music Monday: Zander – ‘Just Right’

Aloha to all my lovely readers!

I know, I know… It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something…
First of all I would like to apologize for my absence. Lately my life has been one big rollercoaster and I totally lost track in keeping up with my blog. Now I’m back and I promise you, I will keep in touch!

What’s not a better way to kick-off a brand-new start with this easy-breezy new track of Florida singer, guitar player and songwriter Alex ‘Zander’ Baugh. The frontman of The Crazy Carls (who used to be the opening act for bands like The Fall Out Boy and Weezer) has released his new solo song ‘Just Right’, an introduction to his new sound.

How his new sounds like? Well, ‘Just Right’ would be the perfect soundtrack during one of those late Summer days, sitting in the backyard just relaxing and having fun with your friends. A bubbly song with funky vocals.

Good vibes are coming your way with ‘Just Right’!

-XOXO Marcella

One Direction Album ‘Four’ Review

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Hi peeps! Sorry for being away for too long, but this time I promise to keep in touch. To make it up to you guys, I’ve done a album review of one of my favorite five-some.. ONE DIRECTION! The band released the new album FOUR last month and (even when you are a directioner or not) these guys are popping up everywhere on the radio. After announcing of FOUR the album became the top charted album on Itunes in 67 countries, debuted no.1 on the Billboard charts and both singles ‘Steal My Girl’ and ‘Night Changes’ are big winners.

Some people still remain One Direction as the X- Factor boys from the catchy ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ anthem. That was 2009, now we are moving to 2015. In four years a lot has changes and so does One Direction. They’ve grown as artists. ‘Story Of my Life’ already proved that they can sing more than catchy poppy love songs. Need some prove? Listen to these tracks, which are my personal highlights of FOUR.


Fireproof was written by members Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. This song is definitely a step-forward compared to previous work from the band. It’s more mature and shows of the songwriting credits of the boys. Fireproof reminds me of a mix between Fleewood Mac and the 1975. Just imagine when you are on a road trip, rolling down the windows and than this song comes up.

Girl Almighty

‘Let’s have another toast on the girl almighty!’ Where are my party people? This song is fun, crazy and very enjoyable. Dancing is aloud ladies and gentlemen!

Act My Age

I have a strong feeling that this song in particular has been co-written by member Naill Horan. This song is from Ireland with love. Anyone in for a citytrip?

Night Changes

Night Changes is one of the two songs who already has been released. Still it’s one of those songs that I wouldn’t mind if it would play during the day on the background. Especially when the chorus hits with these soothing, sweet words: Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of, Disappearing when you wake up, But there’s nothing to be afraid of, Even when the night changes, It will never change me and you. 

Change Your Ticket

Before any else thinks ‘This reminds me of 1975’, yes you are correct! The 1975 co-wrote this song with One Direction. See now why the similarities? With ‘Change Your Ticket’ the guys definitely took   a different path and that’s the kind of changes that I would love to see more of the boys. If indie music is your kind of thing, than this is probably your jam.

Stockholm Syndrome

As soon as I saw ‘Stockholm’ named on the tracklist I couldn’t help but started to jiggle. I mean, Sweden & One Direction? All kind of great things combined into one? That’s what you call the best ‘2 for 1’ deal ever! Some people are mad that the band have used ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ into one of their songs, but used it only as a metaphor. This is definitely one of my favorites. I would like to call this song as the ultimate track which symbolizes the boys’ lane to adulthood music-wise.

What’s your favorite track of FOUR?

-XOXO Marcella